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A new album from Aimee Mann – Queens of the Summer Hotel

Aimee Mann’s latest album Queens of the Summer Hotel ... I’m an easy sell on Aimee Mann records, but this one really is exceptional.

The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic

“Jessica Hopper’s criticism is a trenchant and necessary counterpoint not just on music, but on our culture at large.” —Annie Clark, St. Vincent

Kristin Battles the Bots

Instead of “I will get back to you…love, kristin” it makes me say, “I will get back baby bad balls to you…love cretin”

James Brown’s FUTURE SHOCK!

Future Shock was filmed in the pre TBS studios of WTCG in Atlanta. It could have been lost forever...

More Details – CONTROL: The Ian Curtis Biopic

A new U.S. release date for Control is being given. There’s finally some consistency among sources, so I’m feeling like this might be close to a solid date.

Paper Puppetry is OK

A really great lo-fi video done for Shitdisco’s song OK. Directed by Price James.

Release Date Set For CONTROL: The Ian Curtis Film

UPDATE: U.S. Release Dates Getting Closer

Michael Hearst’s Music For Ice Cream Trucks

Owning and driving an ice cream truck is high on my list of things I insist upon doing before I die. When I’m driving down the street (or flying in...

Breakin’ and Poppin’

Once upon a time, there was a boy in the Midwest who was learning to breakdance slowly, but surely. One day, the answer came to him on the teevee.

Phil Collins Couldn’t Fit His Drums in There.

It took a few bars to get their fellow passengers loosened up enough to dig it, but people were a lot less uptight than I expected to see on the...

Anthony Wilson diagnosed with cancer

Tony Wilson, the man who brought the world bands like Joy Division and Happy Mondays through Factory Records and the Hacienda nightclub in Machester has been diagnosed with kidney cancer....

All the Cool Kids Are in Marching Band

When I saw La Contessa (tragically burned last year) for the first time at Burning Man I found out about her builders, San Francisco’s Extra Action Marching Band. They’re awesome,...

9 great old punk videos (Plus a few more)

Mark Frauenfelder over at Boing Boing has done the heavy lifting and searched through YouTube for this list of 9 great old punk videos. The Sonic Reducer footage is amazing....

Devolution (dev2.0)

I’m not a superfan or anything, but Devo will always be one of my faves. Mark Mothersbaugh gets a little closer to J.R. “Bob” Dobbs with dev2.0, a revamp of...

I’m hooked on a feelin’…and it makes my eyes burn.

Too many Hasselhoff-related posts lately. Damn you and your irresistable siren song, David Hasselhoff!

Control: The Ian Curtis Film

Photo by Phillipe Carly

Atmosphere is finally getting huge

The new album, You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having, is the 5th Atmosphere release (I think). I have pretty eclectic taste in music, but I’m pretty selective when...

The Mask and the Mouse

Today I got my hands on an advance of the new album from DANGERDOOM, The Mouse and The Mask. DANGERDOOM is a collaboration of Danger Mouse and MF DOOM.

“Dude, Who’s My Thing?” – He’s My Thing Hits the Big Screen

Minneapolis Hollywood-type Eric Tretbar held a nice cast/crew/friends screening of his latest movie He’s My Thing at the Riverview theater this morning.