Plastic Razor Blades

One of those things that initially seem dumb, but have turned out to be fantastically useful to have on hand.

In praise of hands (1974)

Short documentary hows the special skills of artisans working at their crafts in seven countries around the globe.

Adverts from London pirate radio 1984-1993

Radio and rave nostalgia with a cherry-picked volley of adverts from London pirate radio 1984-1993...

Betty White Dead at 99

Truly one of the most remarkable careers in show business.

A new album from Aimee Mann – Queens of the Summer Hotel

Aimee Mann’s latest album Queens of the Summer Hotel ... I’m an easy sell on Aimee Mann records, but this one really is exceptional.

The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic

“Jessica Hopper’s criticism is a trenchant and necessary counterpoint not just on music, but on our culture at large.” —Annie Clark, St. Vincent

In the Shop: Refinishing and relabeling an old gift hammer.

I've been hanging up more of my hand tools lately and this thing was looking tired. I gave it a new label and some refinishing so it can be a...

Kristin Battles the Bots

Instead of “I will get back to you…love, kristin” it makes me say, “I will get back baby bad balls to you…love cretin”

Four horsemen soon to follow.

It’s a sign. (Baconnaise)

RIP Rudy Ray Moore

Rudy Ray Moore, master of the obscene, rhyming insult/threat died yesterday in Akron, Ohio at age 81.

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