Betty White Dead at 99

Truly one of the most remarkable careers in show business.

A new album from Aimee Mann – Queens of the Summer Hotel

Aimee Mann’s latest album Queens of the Summer Hotel ... I’m an easy sell on Aimee Mann records, but this one really is exceptional.

In the Shop: Refinishing and relabeling an old gift hammer.

I've been hanging up more of my hand tools lately and this thing was looking tired. I gave it a new label and some refinishing so it can be a...

Kristin Battles the Bots

Instead of “I will get back to you…love, kristin” it makes me say, “I will get back baby bad balls to you…love cretin”

Four horsemen soon to follow.

It’s a sign. (Baconnaise)

RIP Rudy Ray Moore

Rudy Ray Moore, master of the obscene, rhyming insult/threat died yesterday in Akron, Ohio at age 81.

Craziest Obama Lawn Ever

With the impending financial collapse of the anti-Bush tchotchke market, bumperstickered Subaru owners and political punsters everywhere are going to be wondering: what’s next?

VP Debates, Rickrolled

Via Gizmodo Chris Matthews and the CNBC crew did their best to report last night’s vice presidential debate between Biden and Palin, but it appears that a rogue squadron of...

The Design Entrepreneur, by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico

Frank Kozik’s brightly colored toy smoking rabbit for Paul Budnitz’s Kidrobot typifies the intersection between graphic design and product design. Is it a product design, graphic design, or art?

Transformers Poised to Attack Portland

A horde of incognito Transformers disguised as gargoyles are lying in wait—ready to take over downtown Portland.

Television Without Context

Paul Neave’s Neave TV has ruined my plans for being productive this afternoon.

Moo Soon Offering Business Cards

Finally! Moo will be doing standard-size business cards.

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