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Where was this sign 3 weeks ago?

A little more than 3 weeks after breaking my arm, I went in today for x-rays to check the healing process.

Michael Hearst’s Music For Ice Cream Trucks

Owning and driving an ice cream truck is high on my list of things I insist upon doing before I die. When I’m driving down the street (or flying in...

Code of Conduct?

It makes me a little sad that Kathy Sierra has been intimidated by a handful of asshats who undoubtedly had their books dumped one too many times in high school....

Head of Cartoon Network resigns following marketing stunt

You have to be kidding me. Head of Cartoon Network resigns following marketing stunt that brought out Boston bomb squad.

Sometimes the British Speak Differently

Someone made a comment on Metafilter about how they were struck with the BBC’s usage of the the term “beat off” being…er, different than the American usage. I’m as likely...

I’m not as old as Carl Reiner

Whoa. He’s getting up there, isnt he?

Regional Basketball Champs

Regional Basketball Champs (photo credit: justlisa)

R.I.P. Shelley Skelley

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No Virginia, Santa Isn’t A War Criminal.

The War On Christmas? This has to stop. Is enough of the American public blunted on glue fumes to not get that the preoccupation with a “War on Christmas” by...

SFC Sam made it back home in time for Christmas

Just got a link to this video clip from channel 13 in Des Moines featuring an old friend I haven’t seen in years returning home to his family in Iowa....

Office Chrismas Booty

Office Chrismas Booty Originally uploaded by braintoast.

A Symphony of Snot

Funny how sometimes you can become acutely aware of the most ordinary thing when some particular aspect lines up just right. My usual bus trip to work in the morning...

Your secondhand smoke is killing…er, calming me.

I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Iowa City that I’ve always loved. It has all of the characteristics of a good pre-smoking ban Minneapolis coffee shop that I now...

Here we go again!

So, I think I might actually have things coming together enough around here where I can start posting again. I've been screwing around with designs whenever I get a few...