No Virginia, Santa Isn’t A War Criminal.

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The War On Christmas? This has to stop. Is enough of the American public blunted on glue fumes to not get that the preoccupation with a “War on Christmas” by folks like Bill O’Reilly is a convenient way to not talk about the ridiculousness that’s happening in D.C.?

People saying “Happy Holidays” isn’t an affront to your snake-handling flavor of Christianity. They’re using a more general terms because it’s a season of commerce and you can sell more things to more people if you don’t exclude them from your holiday well-wishings. Get it?

On that note, both of Minnesota’s senators Norm Coleman decided it was okay to vote “yea” on invoking the cloture rule for Patriot Act reauthorization, which would prohibit a filibuster on the vote. Super. (How are they is he representing me again?) Fortunately the Patriot Act has at least been held up for the time being by enough sane people that don’t think wiretaps without a warrant are okay. (Amy kindly pointed out that I can’t read. I was wrong, Dayton was a “Nay” vote. Thx Amy!)

It is freaking me out that a look through the feedback on a CNN article shows a pretty fair amount of people who are fine with letting the government spy on you if they feel like it. Yikes.

By the way, pie is no longer delicious.

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