Here we go again!

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So, I think I might actually have things coming together enough around here where I can start posting again. I’ve been screwing aorund with designs whenever I get a few moments, but it seems free time has become increasingly rare. I’ll push this one out so the site works again and if I decide to change things up, I’ll just do it as we go along. It makes a lot more sense to have a layout you’re not totally happy with than one that breaks the site entirely.

btw – I don’t hate this design so much as I want to move in a different direction. I think this look and feel has pretty much run its course.

mister jason™

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A post-hardcore rock-n-roller, graphic designer, amateur chef, typography nerd, coffee connoisseur, radio guy, motorcyclist, skateboard commuter, and a reluctant adult. He lives in Portland Ore. USA with the lovely Dr. Adrienne and Otto T. Dog.