A Symphony of Snot

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Funny how sometimes you can become acutely aware of the most ordinary thing when some particular aspect lines up just right. My usual bus trip to work in the morning consists of a fairly crowded 10-15 minutes on a the 4 bus downtown followed by a quick zip west to my office on an express that usually has less than 8 people on it.

It seemed like everyone on the 4 this morning had a case of the sniffles. Something I usually wouldn’t be conciously aware of…I just read whatever I’m reading and suddenly I’m downtown. But a bunch of the people sniffling away hit the enough of the rhythm and pitches just right to get Powerhouse* into my head for the rest of the morning. A little creepy when it happened, but still amusing.

*Powerhouse is that ominous, assembly line gone haywire music that was used in many Looney Toons cartoons. (link is a short sound clip)

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