R.I.P. Shelley Skelley

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R.I.P. Shelley Skelley
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UPDATE: Star Tribune Obituary and Online Guestbook.

Some of the most amazing people that have been—and are—a part of my life I met here in Minneapolis at CyberX. I learned last night that Shelley Skelley has died and with a kick to the gut a rush of memories started flowing.

After she moved out to Oakland, I didn’t see her all that often. But an occasional email or chance meeting on the street when she was in town was always nice. She always showed up at the strangest times and places. Like Antiques Roadshow…classic.

Shelley was a perfect balance of infuriating and lovable. She was scrappy, hilarious, clever, terrifying, creative, reckless, beautiful, tough, and sweet. We spent countless nights “working” at CyberX shouting out some of the worst renditions of Journey songs that have ever been. She turned me on to Venom. She personified rock-n-roll. She made me laugh until I was in pain. She could kick my ass but never really did. She never told me what I wanted to hear and always told me what she thought. I’m reminded again that you never realize how much you care about someone until they’re gone forever.

You’ll be missed by so many. Be well, Shelley.

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