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Betty White Dead at 99

Truly one of the most remarkable careers in show business.

Kristin Battles the Bots

Instead of “I will get back to you…love, kristin” it makes me say, “I will get back baby bad balls to you…love cretin”

RIP Rudy Ray Moore

Rudy Ray Moore, master of the obscene, rhyming insult/threat died yesterday in Akron, Ohio at age 81.

Craziest Obama Lawn Ever

With the impending financial collapse of the anti-Bush tchotchke market, bumperstickered Subaru owners and political punsters everywhere are going to be wondering: what’s next?

VP Debates, Rickrolled

Via Gizmodo Chris Matthews and the CNBC crew did their best to report last night’s vice presidential debate between Biden and Palin, but it appears that a rogue squadron of...

The Design Entrepreneur, by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico

Frank Kozik’s brightly colored toy smoking rabbit for Paul Budnitz’s Kidrobot typifies the intersection between graphic design and product design. Is it a product design, graphic design, or art?

Transformers Poised to Attack Portland

A horde of incognito Transformers disguised as gargoyles are lying in wait—ready to take over downtown Portland.

Television Without Context

Paul Neave’s Neave TV has ruined my plans for being productive this afternoon.

Moo Soon Offering Business Cards

Finally! Moo will be doing standard-size business cards.

RIP George Carlin

RIP George Carlin.

Sex with a Picnic Table

A victimless crime? No way.

Soul Train on crack cocaine.

Soul Train on crack cocaine.

James Brown’s FUTURE SHOCK!

Future Shock was filmed in the pre TBS studios of WTCG in Atlanta. It could have been lost forever...

Stuff White People Like

It's funny because it's true.

Safe assumption

Sounds like a safe assumption to me.

I’m lost and need ffffound

Anyone have a ffffound invite for me?

Bring bad design to justice

Design Police: Bring bad design to justice. nice.

I want a pony.

Can you have a pony?

Look Who’s Seven

Wikipedia turns 7 years old today. Happy b-day!

Free Spyware & Antivirus Protection

Free anti-malware software, Threatfire from PC Tools.

L’art du silence is quieter still.

L'art du silence is quieter still. Marcel Marceau died yesterday at age 84. RIP, Bip.

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Yarrr...All day long.

RIP Merv Griffin, 82

RIP Merv Griffin. The man created Jeopardy!. Lot's of other things, too. But that's good enough for me.

Video: How To Pull A Van Uphill (with Only A Rope)

Video: How To Pull A Van Uphill (with Only A Rope) – via Condition Yellow

Faceball: your face, our balls

Faceball: your face, our balls – Faceball begins sweeping the nation. I think the size of my noze places me at a distinct disadvantage.

No More Tomorrows

Broadcast legend Tom Snyder died at his home yesterday from complications of leukemia.

Ingmar Bergman dies at 89

RIP Ingmar Bergman.

Merlin Mann’s Mortifying MUNI Movie

One thing I never think while on public transportation: “I should cut my toenails…right now.” Witness the horror of Merlin Mann’s Mortifying MUNI Movie

Big Screen On The Green

PDX: It’s about time. I’ve missed seeing movies in the park more than anything.

Typewriter Sends Email

Inspired by the designer’s mother being frustrated with e-mail and computers, 22 Pop is a portable typewriter that sends and receives email. Very nice.

Find Out How Walkable Your House Is

Walk Score calculates the “walkability” of an address by locating nearby stores, restaurants, schools, parks, etc. Our place in PDX scores slightly lower than back in Mpls, but not by...

Flexible, Cheap Solar Cells

Buckyballs, fullerenes, and inkjet-printable solar cells.

Pimp My Rice Paddy

Pimp my rice paddy

A Tiki Weeps

RIP Don Ho.

Osama Team Hunger Force

Osama Team Hunger Force. Nice video response to the silliness in Boston from College Humor.

Dead Sodas.

Dead Sodas. Orbitz, Surge, Crystal Pepsi, the list goes on.

Kuka Juke Bot, the Robotic DJ

Kuka Juke Bot, the Robotic DJ. Interactive installation piece. Industrial robots and LPs. Yeah.

Death by Caffeine

The Death by Caffeine calculator will tell you how much of your preferred caffeinated beverage you can ingest before you get dead. (I can have 3 more cups of coffee...

We’re full of religion now. Everyone, bow your heads and pretend to be serious.

Press conference video of Boston Mooninite ad pranksters. Beautiful. (The silliness of Fox News continues to astound.)

The Day the Funk Died

RIP James Brown. We’ll miss you godfather.

LCS INTERVIEW :: Von Glitschka

The Little Chimp Society has a nice lil interview with Von Glitschka.

Xmas in Frisko: Soma FM Holiday Mix

soma fm has “Xmas in Frisko” streaming for the holidays. The annual eclectic, irreverent holiday broadcast. May not be suitable for all ages!

Get Your Very Own Mini-Me

My Twinn, the “just like me doll”. Now, one of these would just freak me out. What a wonderful way to encourage solid narcissistic skills early in childhood.

Ninjawords – a fast online dictionary

Ninjawords – a fast online dictionary A really fast dictionary… fast like a ninja.

Jello Biafra Spoken Word: Net Neutrality

Jello Biafra speaking on Net Neutrality and the COPE Act. [YouTube]

Believe It or Not…

Who knew he was born with the Ukrainian name Volodymyr Palanyuk? Who knew he was a pro boxer and bomber pilot? I didn’t. Jack Palance died today of natural causes...

RIP Ed Bradley

Ed Bradley has died. One of my favorite new reporters growing up. “You can work hard to sharpen your talent, to get better at whatever it is that you do,...

Token post-election comment

I won’t be going on and on about the election. I will say woo hoo, though!


VOTE411.org has location-specific voting info. Now go vote.

MPR: Frank Black just wants to make music

Frank Black stopped by the Current studios to play a few songs and chat with Mary Lucia. Superb quality mp3 stream of the segment after the jump. (He’s playing the...

Did You Vote?

We vote by mail in Oregon, but I still walked my ass down to cast my vote at the public library. It just seemed a little anticlimactic to mail the...

FontBook is Available!

The totally revamped 4th edition of the FontBook: Digital Typeface Compendium is ready. I need a spare $99. Damn, I’m a nerd.

Soma FM Halloween Channel

soma fm has a new channel for Halloween called “Doomed”. Dark and scary industrial-inspired music for tortured souls.

Control: The Ian Curtis Film

Control—the Ian Curtis Film—finally has an official site. (Includes mailing list for production updates)

Flotsam for 2/11/6

As I start thinking about what I’d like to brew this spring and summer, this cache of beer logos in vector format should provide a fair amount of inspiration for...

Flotsam for 2/9/6

Threadbared is all loaded up with vintage fashion ads, craft book photos and such. (and all appropriate comments) Things Never To Do Under Any Circumstances is one that nearly made...