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A new album from Aimee Mann – Queens of the Summer Hotel

Aimee Mann’s latest album Queens of the Summer Hotel ... I’m an easy sell on Aimee Mann records, but this one really is exceptional.

In the Shop: Refinishing and relabeling an old gift hammer.

I've been hanging up more of my hand tools lately and this thing was looking tired. I gave it a new label and some refinishing so it can be a...

Craziest Obama Lawn Ever

With the impending financial collapse of the anti-Bush tchotchke market, bumperstickered Subaru owners and political punsters everywhere are going to be wondering: what’s next?

Television Without Context

Paul Neave’s Neave TV has ruined my plans for being productive this afternoon.

Sex with a Picnic Table

A victimless crime? No way.

James Brown’s FUTURE SHOCK!

Future Shock was filmed in the pre TBS studios of WTCG in Atlanta. It could have been lost forever...

The Real Cannonball Run

Most people think of Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise when they think of the Cannonball Run. Not a lot of people know that the Cannonball Run (later U.S. Express) wasn’t...

Erbert & Gerbert’s: Making of the Human Flipbook

A vid Making of Erbert & Gerbert’s Human flipbook commercial. Most people don’t realize the amount of work that goes into such things. A fun watch.

The Rock-afire Explosion Branches Out Into Hip-Hop

Since the one and only time I set foot inside a Showbiz Pizza Place (aka: Chuck E. Cheese’s), I wanted to have one of their animatronic bands in my garage....

A Typographer Makes The Type Taste Good

A 2-minute animated look at typography titled Typographics [vimeo link]. Created by Vancouver Film School students Ryan Uhrich and Marcos Ceravolo through the VFS 3D Animation & Visual Effects program....

Christopher Walken Is My New Favorite TeeVee Chef

If there were more demos like Chicken with Pears with Christopher Walken, I’d be the happiest boy in the land.

Breakin’ and Poppin’

Once upon a time, there was a boy in the Midwest who was learning to breakdance slowly, but surely. One day, the answer came to him on the teevee.

9 great old punk videos (Plus a few more)

Mark Frauenfelder over at Boing Boing has done the heavy lifting and searched through YouTube for this list of 9 great old punk videos. The Sonic Reducer footage is amazing....