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Adverts from London pirate radio 1984-1993

Radio and rave nostalgia with a cherry-picked volley of adverts from London pirate radio 1984-1993...

I want a pony.

Can you have a pony?

Space Travel Is In My Dreams And An Alabama Field.

I’ve been having a lot of space travel dreams lately. Virgin Galactic seems to be getting close to making zero-G space flight by non-astronaut people attainable in the near future....

The Rock-afire Explosion Branches Out Into Hip-Hop

Since the one and only time I set foot inside a Showbiz Pizza Place (aka: Chuck E. Cheese’s), I wanted to have one of their animatronic bands in my garage....

Breakin’ and Poppin’

Once upon a time, there was a boy in the Midwest who was learning to breakdance slowly, but surely. One day, the answer came to him on the teevee.

I Love Cake

For the past ten years, Kenny G at WFMU has been playing a rant by Todd Colby called Cake each week on his show.

The Amish Love Full Throttle Fury

I was just at a convenience store up the street where I saw two honest-to-Jeebus Amish fellas were loading up on <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_Throttle_%28drink%29” title “WikiPedia entry for Full Throttle”>Full Throttle...

Lookit All The Pretty Horsies

...I’d wondered if the rings I saw embedded in curbs here and there were for hitching horses. We were out for a walk and rounded the corner to find the...

Photo: What if he says no?

What if he says no?</p>

Nipple fruit eggplant…not all that sexy

Seed Savers Exchange is a non-profit cooperative based in Decorah, Iowa. I get my heirloom tomato transplants and various other garden seeds from them every year. The quality of the...

I’m hooked on a feelin’…and it makes my eyes burn.

Too many Hasselhoff-related posts lately. Damn you and your irresistable siren song, David Hasselhoff!

Canadian Medical Procedures Seem More Fun Than Ours

Sometimes Canandians are just more fun

Life Size Mousetrap Game Crushes 1000 lb. Pumpkin

Mark Perez and crew set up the Life Size Mousetrap in San Francisco for a run of three nights of shows October 28-30. The finale featured a 2-ton bank safe...

Alien Protection Device *Not* A Selling Feature

I reluctantly remind you that I grew up in Iowa. Reluctantly because the people in this story aren’t far from uncommon.

How to: Wolf whistle for fun and irritation

Eureka! It’s only taken 30 years, but I’m finally beginning to master the fingers-jammed-in-your-mouth method of whistling. Like many things, it’s all a matter of finding it explained the right...