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Four horsemen soon to follow.

It’s a sign. (Baconnaise)

Fal-avorful Falafel

Weird. I was thinking about making falafel tonight. Thanks to Kris, I don’t have to hunt for a recipe for falafel.

Mrs. Marv Conjures My Merciless Chili of Quetzlzacatenango

Missus Marv has posted my dangerous recipe for the Merciless Chili of Quetzlzacatenango. I couldn’t be happier. If for no other reason than I don’t have to type it up...

Mrs. Marv’s Cliche Looks Delicious

Every cook has their go-to ingredients and I sometimes feel like I’m not stretching enough by getting too stuck on my standbys. Mrs. Marv is one-stop shopping for me to...

Christopher Walken Is My New Favorite TeeVee Chef

If there were more demos like Chicken with Pears with Christopher Walken, I’d be the happiest boy in the land.

Mrs. Marv is Becoming an Iron Chef of the Internets

Mrs. Marv’s popularity has es-ploded lately. The most recent lovin’ is coming from Slashfood – Corn soup, the remix. Who knew remixing food was even done? Does this make her...

Homemade Caramels : Not so tricky for the treaty.

I have always had a helluva sweet tooth. My taste in candy varies, but I am by no means a sugar snob. If it’s sweet that’s usually good enough. A...