Mrs. Marv Conjures My Merciless Chili of Quetzlzacatenango

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red chili with a fabulous mole tasteMissus Marv has posted my dangerous recipe for the Merciless Chili of Quetzlzacatenango. I couldn’t be happier. If for no other reason than I don’t have to type it up to get it out of the handwritten notebook I have it in right now (my handwriting sucks).

Also, I love that someone else really digs one of my recipes. It’s one of those traditional chiles-n-meat things. If you like that sort of thing, chances are you’ll love this. It has won a contest, y’know? Okay…the competition wasn’t that stiff. But I still won, dammit.

Since her site is clearly the more appropriate place for the recipe to live, that’s where you’ll find it. (Along with the accompanying ultra-sexy food porn photography that she does so well.

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