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In praise of hands (1974)

Short documentary hows the special skills of artisans working at their crafts in seven countries around the globe.

Paper Puppetry is OK

A really great lo-fi video done for Shitdisco’s song OK. Directed by Price James.

Pimp My Rice Paddy

Pimp my rice paddy

Illustration Friday – Red

Not enough time for fancypants composition on this one, but here’s this week’s scribbling for Illustration Friday.

Typography Tuesday is Born

I was reading up on the background of a typeface I’ve had a lot of interest in lately—Brothers (Emigre)—when I was reminded of what a ridiculous typography nerd I really...

Lookit All The Pretty Horsies

...I’d wondered if the rings I saw embedded in curbs here and there were for hitching horses. We were out for a walk and rounded the corner to find the...

Better Than Cock Rock. CrotchRock.

CrotchRock is a piece built for a chair show at Cranbrook Academy. From the description written for the show...

Striping With Kafka

The Kafka pinstriping system (not that Kafka) from Eastwood (not that Eastwood) looks cool as hell. Probably the next best thing to living next door to Von Dutch or Steve...

The Art*o*mat Makes Almost Anyone an Instant Art Collector

I was having a conversation today with a friend about vending machines and the Art*o*mat popped into my head. I hadn’t thought about them in years. I don’t really recall...

Life Size Mousetrap Game Crushes 1000 lb. Pumpkin

Mark Perez and crew set up the Life Size Mousetrap in San Francisco for a run of three nights of shows October 28-30. The finale featured a 2-ton bank safe...