Phil Collins Couldn’t Fit His Drums in There.

It took a few bars to get their fellow passengers loosened up enough to dig it, but people were a lot less uptight than I expected to see on the...

Hollywood Hills Ablaze

Yesterday afternoon, a couple of teenagers from Illinois set the Hollywood hills on fire.

Code of Conduct?

It makes me a little sad that Kathy Sierra has been intimidated by a handful of asshats who undoubtedly had their books dumped one too many times in high school....

Mrs. Marv is Becoming an Iron Chef of the Internets

Mrs. Marv’s popularity has es-ploded lately. The most recent lovin’ is coming from Slashfood – Corn soup, the remix. Who knew remixing food was even done? Does this make her...

Anthony Wilson diagnosed with cancer

Tony Wilson, the man who brought the world bands like Joy Division and Happy Mondays through Factory Records and the Hacienda nightclub in Machester has been diagnosed with kidney cancer....

Head of Cartoon Network resigns following marketing stunt

You have to be kidding me. Head of Cartoon Network resigns following marketing stunt that brought out Boston bomb squad.

The Sky Was On Fire

The night before last around midnight, I was on the phone with Sponge working out the details of a project we’re working on. I looked out the window and saw...

All the Cool Kids Are in Marching Band

When I saw La Contessa (tragically burned last year) for the first time at Burning Man I found out about her builders, San Francisco’s Extra Action Marching Band. They’re awesome,...

Typography Tuesday 005: Helvetica, Not Helvetica, and TypeCon2007

Mostly link-slinging this week, but I have to post something on Tuesdays or Typo Tuesday is typeless.

Illustration Friday – Red

Not enough time for fancypants composition on this one, but here’s this week’s scribbling for Illustration Friday.

I Love Cake

For the past ten years, Kenny G at WFMU has been playing a rant by Todd Colby called Cake each week on his show.

Typography Tuesday 004: Why Your Holiday Newsletter Sucks

Before you get all huffy about the inflammatory headline, I’m not saying the uh, fascinating details of your family’s life suck. Nor does this apply solely to your yuletide publishing...

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