The Sky Was On Fire

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Photo by kimmieyThe night before last around midnight, I was on the phone with Sponge working out the details of a project we’re working on. I looked out the window and saw enormous flames just across the river.

There’s a 5 story warehouse directly in my line of sight to where the fire was and I could still see the tops of the flames. I figured out today that the fire I saw was the Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church. More than 100 Firefighters worked to put it out.

Nancy Rommelmann lives nearby and has a pretty amazing story to tell.

Video footage here: The Fire Firefighters Working
Photos here: kimmiey’s flickr set of the fire vj_pdx’s flickr set of the aftermath
Articles here: KGW: Four-alarm fire destroys NE Portland church FFN: Four Alarm Fire Destroys Church
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