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In the Shop: Refinishing and relabeling an old gift hammer.

By • Aug 5th, 2017 • Category: DIY

Striping With Kafka (not *that* Kafka)

By • Apr 6th, 2006 • Category: Art, DIY

The Kafka pinstriping system from Eastwood (not *that* Eastwood) looks cool as hell. Probably the next best thing to living next door to Von Dutch …

Homemade Caramels : Not so tricky for the treaty.

By • Oct 29th, 2005 • Category: DIY, Eats

I have always had a helluva sweet tooth. My taste in candy varies, but I am by no means a sugar snob. If it’s sweet …

How to: Wolf whistle for fun and irritation

By • Oct 12th, 2005 • Category: DIY, Random Oddities

Eureka! It’s only taken 30 years, but I’m finally beginning to master the fingers-jammed-in-your-mouth method of whistling. Like many things, it’s all a matter of …

Build Your Very Own Backyard Monorail

By • Oct 10th, 2005 • Category: DIY, Transport

Taking the term “enthusiast” to disturbing lengths, Kim Pedersen designed and built a 300 foot long monorail that snakes around their backyard. It was built …

Do Not Play In Or Around…Just Get In And Get Down.

By • Aug 15th, 2000 • Category: DIY

Everyone from punks to grandmas have done it for years. Isn’t it about time you jumped in? For some of us, it’s a hobby. For others, a way of life. Regardless, it’s a great way to score some free crap.