Radio at Burning Man 2004

mister jason™
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mister jason is WRONG
mister jason at the helm of the mighty WRong Radio, Black Rock City, Nevada.

A great big thank you to the gang at Camp WRong. Hooking up with WRong radio was a moment of serendipity and I had loads of fun meeting and doing a little radio with the WRong. Even if I manage to get Braintoast radiating the Black Rock City masses with RF in 2005, I’ll still be hooking up with that fine group of freaks. I enjoyed WRong Radio immensely.

No airchecks this time around, but that’s probably for the best, y’know?

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A post-hardcore rock-n-roller, graphic designer, amateur chef, typography nerd, coffee connoisseur, radio guy, motorcyclist, skateboard commuter, and a reluctant adult. He lives in Portland Ore. USA with the lovely Dr. Adrienne and Otto T. Dog.