A Sneak Peek At The Latest Model From Hummer

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armored_car.jpgThe only logical next step

Behold! The next step in the Hummer evolution. Despite the trend of making smaller models in recent years, the new Hummer features an unparalleled security system and is minimally suceptible to collision damage.

No word on when this will hit the dealers, but it’s bound to be hugely popular for picking up the kids from school and running high-risk errands.

Available features:
– Armor level .44 Magnum Threat Protection (standard). Higher levels available.
– Manual & Automatic Transmissions to suit. 25,500 lbs. – 56,000 lbs. GVWR
– Underfloor bomb protection & run flat inserts in vehicle tires
– 12, 15 & 20 passenger models available
– Single & Tandem Axle Availability


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