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Most simply, Pzizz is a program that generates audio files that put you to sleep (and subsequently wake you up). I’m not sure if I buy the bit about its NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) capabilities, but the relaxation and meditative aspects of the software are readily apparent. Their marketing material sounds a little silly and really weird at times, but I really think they have a good thing here.

I don’t recall the first time I heard about Pzizz, but I was curious enough after all the buzz from people like Merlin Mann to check it out about a month ago. I’ve never actually used it to go to sleep at night as that’s not usually a problem for me once I get my ass in the bed. But I love it for an afternoon power-nap.

I have a tendency to stay up way too late when I get on a creative bender or when I’m working against a deadline. So, the siesta is a good friend of mine. The problem is getting a nap in when it’s convenient rather than when exhaustion sets in. I feel loads more energetic, alert, and coherent after a little nap and I also know that I won’t inadvertently pass out for an hour or two when I use Pzizz to get me there and back. After about a month of using Pzizz regularly for a 20-30 minute recharge nap in the afternoon, it works like a light switch. I’m out in a matter of minutes and I’m certain that I’m in a very relaxed state much more quickly when Pzizz summons the sandman. It’s also a lot more pleasant to feel like you’re just waking up naturally rather than being jolted awake by an alarm.

They have a demo available for download on their site and I really encourage people to give it a try. If it sounds all weird and new-agey to you, try to overlook that and give it a shot. It’s been great for me and it’s cheap, too. Now Pzizz off!

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