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I’ve intended to shift the RSS feeds for the site over to Feedburner for quite some time. I’m still in the middle of banging out a live rebuild of the site, but it’s a perfect time to implement the new feeds.

Existing subscriptions will continue to work, but I may roll in some additional functionality with Feedburner. I’ll post more details as things come together, but you can update your feed readers to the new URLs now if you like.

  • braintoast dotcom (main feed)–the whole shebang. This is the most likely choice.
  • braintoast asides (asides posts only)–my “elsewhere” posts are shorter bits that link off elsewhere. These are included in the main feed, you can use this feed to subscribe to them alone.
  • braintoast comments (comments only)–An odd choice in my mind, but it’s there if you want it.

There’s a dedicated subscribe page now. As I add more options or features, they’ll be detailed there.

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