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We’ve taken another little step toward living in the Jetson’s age. Not pneumatic elevator tubes, but almost as good. Your own personal mailroom to be the front line in dealing with your snail mail. Even better, a robotic mailroom! Okay, it’s not really all that futuristic in 2006. But it is a cool service that’s doing something new for a change. (Bonus: with robots)

Washington-based Document Command has launched its new service called Remote Control Mail. Starting at around twenty bucks, they receive your mail and scan the outside of each item. Then-via a web interface-you then choose to have things shredded, recycled, archived, opened and scanned, or forwarded to your physical location anywhere worldwide.

This is great for someone on the road a lot (Rock Stars) or on an extended stay away from home (the Exiled). It ain’t dinner in pill form, but we’re getting closer.

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