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My Personal DNA, or the Worst Christian Rock Band Name EVER

By • Apr 7th, 2006 • Category: Notable Web Stuff

I love this sort of personality profile thing. They don’t really explain the specifics of how the test works beyond being “designed by a team of professional psychologists”. But, I took the Meyer-Briggs type indicator a number of years ago and it returned similar results, so I imagine the PersonalDNA profiler is heavily based on Jungian thought as well.

I think the UI design is quite nice. Granted, it can only suck just so much. It *is* just a series of feedback fields. One interesting approach to input is a “bucket” that you “fill” with varying ratios from two sliders. Kinda hard to visualize, but very slick. A great use of Flash elements throughout.

PersonalDNA is a creation of ATTAP (All Things To All People) which is focusing on collaborative and socially-oriented applications.
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