Fab Grrls On Wheels Will Kick Yer Ass

mister jason™
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Some of the Roller Girls - some of the Twin Cities most hardcore grrls.
Some of the badass babes of the Roller Girls

Joy. The MN Rollergirls is a brand spankin’ new, all-girl, rock ’em sock ’em roller derby league.

I stopped by their car wash/bake sale fundraiser last weekend and bought an apple pie. (I’m a sucker for cute girls selling sweets.) It looked like the fundraiser was a huge success. I’m not too surprised. I mean…cute rock ‘n’ roll girls washing cars on one of the busiest streets in uptown?! Yeah.

Anyway, the league is in its infant stages, but they’re practicing a lot and Iexpect they’ll start ripping it up for the public in no time. You’ll certainly hear about it here.

Check out their site for more info.

ROBOTlove has some photos from the car wash posted on their site. (look under “pictures”)

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