HA HA HA America

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HA HA HA America

A film by JD Ligon at Sundance called HA HA HA AMERICA is entertaining, disturbing and tragic all at the same time. It’s framed as a “translated harangue from China to the U.S.A. that laughs at our missteps.”

An excerpt:

Ha Ha Ha. We have big fun but now it time close door on America. While you busy fighting War on Fear, China busy taking all business and all control of world economy. How war going? Any luck killing Fear? Maybe bomb Axiety first then work way up to Fear.

The video I originally linked to on the Sundance site is long gone. The filmmaker posted it in three parts (for some reason) on YouTube below.

Ha Ha Ha America Part 1

Ha Ha Ha America Part 2

Ha Ha Ha America Part 3

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