Comic Sans is a pockmark on the ass of Typography

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Comic Sans is not the way to look official

About 10 years ago, Microsoft created a typeface called Comic Sans. You’ve no doubt seen it being used in countless hideous ways. Racergirl is in the process of interviewing for high fallutin’ doctoring stuff at hospitals all over the place right now. She showed me an itinerary that one of them sent her that was set entirely in Comic Sans. How official. Since seeing that little gem my hatred of the dreaded Comic Sans has begun festering anew and I’ve run across some pretty funny and tragic related things.

Fighting the good fight is ban comic sans.
Of course, a photostream of photos tagged with comic sans on flickr has surfaced. As a funny aside, there’s a nice picture of the fabled Microsoft Bob in there.

Unfortunately, pretty much anyone that has a Microsoft package installed on their machine also has Comic Sans installed. It’s come to be the best effort many people make at seeming different or informal. For the love of god stop it! Thank you, have a nice day.

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