A Vote for Comic Sans is a Vote for the Enemy

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Pete Ricketts approves this font

I generally don’t trust guys who wear bow ties. This is especially true in the case of politicians. A bow tie wearing politician with a bushy mustache? Lock the door and hide the puppy.

Putting these arbitrary prejudices aside for a moment, Pete Ricketts of Nebraska has created a entirely new category of political untrustable—the candidate with a campaign ad prominently featuring Comic Sans (more accurately the Mac clone of Comic Sans, Chalkboard).

Witness the typographical carnage on YouTube.

Tom Nemitz at BADG puts it perfectly:

Comic Sans is the sweatpants-in-public of type. When you use Comic Sans, you’re telling the world, “I don’t care anymore. I’m wearing sweatpants to go shopping at the mall.” Is that the kind of “I don’t care” attitude you want from your congressman? Last time I asked myself, my answer was no. I’ll ask again but I’m reasonably certain the answer will still be no.

Are you kidding, candidate Pete? It doesn’t make you look fun or friendly. Could the creatives that produced this ad please understand that Comic Sans is inappropriate in almost every instance in which it is used? Even Vincent Connare—creator of Comic Sans—says so.

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