Caffeine naps are the wave of my future

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Study: Suppression of sleepiness in drivers: combination of caffeine with a short nap.

After reading through the abstract for this study I’m a little excited to try a proper “caffeine nap”. I’ve no doubt achieved similar results accidentally, but this is science dammit! My biggest problem is going to be laying off my regular caffeine fix to allow this little trick to have the most remote chance of success.

The concept:
– drink a good, strong cup of coffee (or somehow get ~200 mg caffeine into your body)
immediately take up to ~15 minute nap/dozing session
– upon waking, have another dose of caffeine

Granted, I’m introducing some interpretation into the actual studies referenced and their test methods. But it seems like a logical result that you should get a nice little power nap with a chemically-induced automatic wakeup call.

It also seems like it might be a good way to get close to a lucid dream state. I’m not really sure where it’s thought you are in your ordinary sleep cycle where lucid dreaming is supposed to happen. Maybe <15 mintes isn’t long enough?

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